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Firefox Quick Tip: Clear Browsing Tracks

Let’s all sing that Avenue Q song, “The Internet is for P*rn.” (Self-censorship sucks. But I have to. Lest we incur Google’s wrath once again.)

Now, I’m sure that for some of you out there, you just can’t resist surfing for the “good stuff.” But if you’re using the family computer, then you must be responsible enough to hide your tracks or risk having your eight-year old kid or brother stumble upon your mother lode. Sure you can go Ctrl + Shit + Del and clear everything from Firefox or you could use an add-on that can do it for you. One that’s especially built for doing… uhm… stuff.

hideBad is an add-on that lets you hide the “good stuff.” A sort of NSFW or NSFK (not safe for kids) key. It saves all tabs in the current window and replaces them with homepage tabs (provided that your homepage isn’t a p*rn site, this will work). It can also clear your tracks from the history to saved forms and passwords, cookies and the cache.

Download hideBad add-on here.


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