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Firefox Quick Tip: Create More Search Plug-ins with OpenSearchFox

OpenSearchFoxOh man. I just can’t wait for Firefox 3. But before we get into another whole shebang, let me just squeeze in some of my latest finds that might help you out with Firefox.

While you can expand your arsenal of search engines by installing more search plug-ins, why not just create your own search plug-ins quick in easy just through a few clicks on a search page. OpenSearchFox lets you do just that. Really nifty if you’d want to create your own.

Say you’d like to use K-Fed’s search engine (just an example, like you’d really use this crap), all you have to do is right-click on the input form and click on the “Add OpenSearch plug-in” option. It even captures the favicon for reference.

Best application? Use with all those fancy-schmancy search options. Create one for Google Images and Google Code. No more trying to use those complex search modifiers. Do all your searching with Firefox’s search bar.

Download OpenSearchFox add-on here.


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