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Firefox Quick Tip: Download Torrents Like You Would Other Files


The last time we featured a Firefox torrent add-on was with FoxTorrent. While it was an interesting add-on, it never had me discarding my main torrents application. Besides, all it does is to use Firefox as an interface for another engine that does the torrent download.

Once installed, it effectively uses Firefox to do the downloading of torrent files. It even uses your Download window only it now has a Torrent tab. You can click on the More Info link to view your seeds and leeches. It really gives you an “all-natural” Firefox feel to torrent downloads. While I haven’t really tried it out on really large files, I think that your stand-alone torrent client will be a much better solution for such files. Still, this may just be the better option for a torrent extension for Firefox.

A word of caution though for Vista users, you might have some problem installing this one since it modifies the chrome that’s in the Firefox directory. It also gets wiped out when you uninstall Firefox unlike other extensions.

Download FireTorrent here.

Via CyberNet News


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