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Firefox Quick Tip: Hide the Tab Bar

Hide Tab BarFirefox brought us perhaps the real best thing since sliced bread – tabbed browsing. Now why the heck should you hide the precious thing? I’d have to admit that I used to think that I’d rather not browse the web at all if I have to go back to the days of IE6 and the tabless browsing world but hiding the tab bar has a few perks. Quite unimaginable? Not quite.

Hide Tab Bar is an add-on that gives you the option to hide your tab bar. Check the View menu and you’ll find out that Firefox doesn’t let you touch its precious appendage. The add-on gives you the hide function either via menu or keyboard shortcut.

So I digress with the point of hiding the tab bar. I tried it out and I’d have to say that it put a really big crimp on my browsing behavior. A test of will of sorts not to browse multiple sites at the same time. So what good did this do? It gave me focus on the tasks at hand. Much like using minimalist word processors, the limited functionality prevented me from pointless multitasking. So for those looking for an extra boost of productivity, try hiding your tab bar.

Why not just fire up the old tabless IE 6? No thanks.

Download Hide Tab Bar here.


3 Responses to “Firefox Quick Tip: Hide the Tab Bar”

  • hejustlaughs says:

    I use the hide tab bar application on the PC that’s hooked up to my Plasma TV to prevent burn in.

  • ben says:

    i want to hide it because i prefer to use the foxtab app

  • Joe says:

    The tab bar is clunky and outdated. While it provides exceptional functionality the visual modification of it is limited. using an extension like foxtab you can circumvent the need for a tab bar while adding asthetical appeal.

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