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Firefox Quick Tip: How to Set Web Pages to Reload Automatically

There are some web pages that you tend to refresh every once in a while. While some services like sports play-by-play pages and some webmail inbox pages do, most of them don’t. That is if you don’t use Reload Every – an add-on for Firefox 2.0.

What this does is to add an option to the context menu (right-click menu) to set the page to reload after a length of time that you set. You can also access the settings via a drop-down right next to the reload button.

Neat huh?

You can download the add-in here.


One Response to “Firefox Quick Tip: How to Set Web Pages to Reload Automatically”

  • lleaf says:

    If I have to manually click on the context menu every time I turn on my computer for Reload Every to work, then it’s not automatic, is it?

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