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Firefox Quick Tip: In-depth Configuration

Mozilla Firefox is more than meets the eye. Here’s one thing that novice users might not know or overlook. Configuring Firefox settings isn’t just confined to what you can find in the Options dialog box. If you want more control over Firefox’s behavior then you need this:

A Firefox window with the configuration page loaded

This the Firefox configuration page. It’s one of those things that Firefox keeps hidden from plain sight. Anyway, here’s how to bring it up.

  1. On the address bar type: about:config
  2. Press Enter

The configuration page shows you the preference name, it’s status, type, and value. You can change settings each preference by left-clicking them. Boolean types are either true or false. Integers require number input. String types can take alphanumeric input. When you change a value, the whole preference turns bold and the status changes from default to user set.

Try experimenting with your Firefox configurations and see how a preference changes how the browser behaves. If you think you’ve done something wrong, just left-click on the preference’s status to bring it back to default.


7 Responses to “Firefox Quick Tip: In-depth Configuration”

  • G. Host says:

    Would be nice to know how to delete entries from configuration file not just modify them. I have a number of old applications which are no longer used (i.e. Quicken) but can not seem to delete out of config.

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