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Firefox Quick Tip: Move the Sidebar to the Right

By default, the Firefox sidebar is located on the left-hand side of the screen. Yesterday, I wrote about moving the Tab bar to the bottom by editing the userChrome.css file. Today, we’ll be using the same techniques.

So here are some quick steps in moving your sidebar to the right-hand side of your screen:

  • Open your userChrome.css (I recommend using ChromEdit Plus)
  • Insert this code at the bottom /* Display the sidebar on the right */ #browser { -moz-box-direction: reverse; }
  • Save your userChrome.css
  • Restart Firefox

Yeah, I seem to be flipping Firefox to opposites for these posts. Well, at least this can cater to people who think Firefox should have placed things on the opposite ends.


2 Responses to “Firefox Quick Tip: Move the Sidebar to the Right”

  • Dylan says:

    When using that method, I get no border between the sidebar and the page. :(

    I use this instead, works great:

    hbox#browser { direction: rtl; }
    hbox#browser > vbox { direction: ltr; }

  • jsherk says:

    Anyway to move the sidebar to the bottom?


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