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Firefox Quick Tip: Open Multiple Links by Drawing Boxes with Snap Links

Snap LinksPerhaps one peeve of mouse ninjas is, if they want to open several links in a page, they have to click on each and everyone of them. While the middle mouse button provides a bit of comfort by opening links in a new tab, it doesn’t solve the problem of multiple clicking. And again, since we’re using Firefox, we just have an extension for it.

Snap Links allows you to open several links in tabs just by clicking and dragging a box around them. You can even set the links to open in windows, be copied to the clipboard, even bookmarked and downloaded.

It’s ideal for pages with multiple links, like search engines. What I personally like about it is the way it minimizes all the clicking into one. Just click and drag and all the links will open for you.

Download Snap Links here.


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