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Firefox Quick Tip: Quickly Restart Firefox

QuickRestartA really quickie quick tip here. Probably it’s me just playing catch-up to all those great Firefox extensions that we’ve failed to feature just before Mozilla unleashes version 3 of our favorite browser.

Basic functionality with this one and quite sadly a unitasker. But what a useful unitasker this is. Ever had to restart Firefox? That means closing the Firefox window and then clicking/double-clicking your shortcut to Firefox somewhere (and God-forbid deep in the Start Menu).

QuickRestart gives you the functionality of restarting Firefox in just one click. Installing this add-on gives you a few options on how to initiate the restart. You can go choose it in the menu, customize your toolbars to feature the restart button, and my favorite, just press the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+R).

Download QuickRestart add-on here.


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