Firefox Quick Tip: Remove Add-ons

Uninstall Add-ons

With the tons of Firefox add-ons out there, you’d eventually find that only some will suit your needs. Even the ones I feature here might not be fitting for the way you use Firefox. Like Web Developer, it can be overkill for the ordinary user.

Having too many add-ons can cause Firefox to consume a lot more memory than it usually does. Even if you try this trick, it might not help much as long as too many functions are running with the add-ons.

Here’s how to remove your running add-ons.

  • Click on Tools -> Add-ons
  • You have too options – to Disable or to Uninstall
  • Uninstalling add-ons take effect when you restart Firefox

20 thoughts on “Firefox Quick Tip: Remove Add-ons”

  1. I just don’t understand why the “uninstall” feature doesn’t remove all of the extension’s data. It seems FF keeps a cache of old extensions or something. How does one clear that?


  2. Sometimes an extension, toolbar (which is installed as add-on), theme or other add-on cannot be uninstalled or removed through the use of the Firefox Add-ons window. The “Uninstall” button on the Add-ons window appears to be disabled or grayed out. In such cases, try the following workarounds to manually force uninstall, remove or delete the ’stubborn’ add-ons, themes, toolbars, or extensions. See:

  3. How do I remove add-ons that have the “uninstall” button unavailable? (It’s grey/ghosted). this is an add-on that I did not accept or install and it is not compatible with the current version of firefox (3.5.2).


  4. I understand that this information show on how to “disable” the firefox plugins, but I’m asking on how to delete these plugins. My antivirus program was literally destroyed by “browser plugins”. My computer was defenseless to computer viruses. I warn everyone who reads this message to be careful on what plugins you get on your Firefox and update your antivirus program as soon as possible.

  5. I just installed Foxfire 3.6 and accidently did not notice the box for add ons was checked. I want to remove all these add ons. But I don’t know what they are. Do you have something that will remove them completely from my computer? If not I will use the uninstall but I don’t want to remove the wrong thing so please provide me with a list.

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