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Firefox Quick Tip: Revive MC Hammer in Your Browser

Hammer Time!

Ever remember MC Hammer? For those who grew up in the 80s through the early 90s, you would definitely remember him. Fancy buzz cuts and baggy pants galore. And why not? He’s responsible for catchy-ass tunes and most memorably, the catch phrase, “Stop! Hammer time!”

And here’s a nostalgia trip/ prank attack for Firefox users. Stop! Hammertime! is a Firefox extension that lets you change your stop button into an MC Hammer button and every time you click on the stop button, MC Hammer would sing the catch phrase.

Yeah, sure. It’s more of a prank toy than anything else. But hey, if MC Hammer was your hero, this could be a must for you and your Firefox.

Download Stop! Hammertime! here.


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