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Firefox Quick Tip: Save Some with Coupon Craze (Coupon Notifier)

Coupon Craze Coupon Notifier

I miss writing about things concerning Firefox. I just can’t wait for 3′s beta version to be released. In any case, I guess we’ll just have to content ourselves with extensions. Unfortunately, new ones seem to come sporadically.

Pennypinchers used to clip a lot of coupons from newspapers and magazines to get to those offers. Hey, adding up all the discounts you can get saves you a good sum. But here’s one very handy extension for online shopaholics. Coupon Notifier lets you in on offers and discounts on over 4000+ online merchants.

The extension places a shopping bag icon on the toolbar (or your status bar). Once it lights up, it means that you’ve got a some deals heading your way. Clicking on the icon would lead you to the specific page where there’s an offer. Hey cheap as it sounds, nothing wrong with getting more pennies into your piggy bank.

Download Coupon Craze here.

Via Firefox Facts


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