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Firefox Quick Tip: Save Space by ‘Shrinking’ Your Menu Bar

Tiny Menu

I’ve been featuring a lot of add-ons lately with some toolbars like StumbleUpon, Web Developer, and Download Statusbar, all of which tend to take up some browser space.

For those a bit conscious about your browsing space, you might want to trim down on some of the other things on your screen. Ever since I’ve installed a lot of add-ons, I tend to have limited use for my menu bar, you know, the one that has File, Edit, View… submenus?

And I figured out, why not reduce that thing to something smaller? As usual the Firefox gods have made it possible with Tiny Menu. What it does is that it simply shrinks the whole menu bar into a drop-down called “Menu” which would now reside on your Navigation Toolbar. Just look at the picture to see how it looks.

It’s great when you can reclaim some space to possibly add more space.

Download Tiny Menu here.


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