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Firefox Quick Tip: Search Google Reader Offline with Gears and Greasemonkey Combo

Google Reader SearchHallelujah!

One feature that I hoped that Google Reader would have is an option to search through feeds. I usually have a thousand plus items in my Reader and browsing through all of them for pertinent information can be a chore. Besides, that’s what Google’s known for, right? So I wonder why it takes a simple Greasemonkey script to make it possible. At least it needed Google Gears to function.

If you might be living under a tech rock for the past weeks, Google unveiled Google Gears – a handy-dandy application that lets you work offline and it premiered to be initially used with Google Reader. That means you can opt to download your feeds for access offline.

A few limits still, the search feature isn’t Google-like. It only matches with exact phrases. Still, worth giving it a try. If you already have Google Gears and Greasemonkey installed, head over to Raul Ochoa’s site for the script.


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