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Firefox Quick Tip: Split the Content Area of Your Browser

Split Browser
If you’re a serious browser fiend who works across multiple pages at a time, you may find tab browsing (even in its glory) a bit insufficient. You may want to have your pages displayed all at the same time. This feature would be really helpful to researchers who would want to compare two or more pages at a time, or a blogger who writes on one page and browsers on another.

While this isn’t an innate feature of Firefox, the Split Browser add-on makes it possible. It even features several ways to split a window:

  • Right-clicking and selecting an option in the “Split Browser to” menu
  • Right-clicking and selecting an option in the “Load in Split Browser” menu
  • Click pop-up buttons on one of the sides of the content area
  • Dropping links to the pop-up buttons

It’s pretty much RAM dependent but you can make as much splits as your system can handle. But even getting to split my content area into two for blogging and browsing is treat enough in itself.

Download Split Browser here.


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