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Firefox Quick Tip: Tune Firefox with FireTune

Here’s yet another great tweak for Firefox users. It’s not a add-on. And it’s not an update either. It’s Firetune a Firefox program that gives you Firefox a tune-up.

It features a one-click tune-up process that is completely reversible. What is does is it changes the settings to what has been tried and tested to speed up performance. It does nothing to alter your Firefox’s executable.

The tune-up is noticeable in slower machines and connections. I’ve tested it with a mid-end PC and a DSL connection and notice a slight boost but not much. So it’s a recommended download for those running Firefox on slower machines/connections.

You might want to try clocking your loading speed to test increases in speed. Just remember to clear your cache every time you give the speed test a go.

It works from Windows 98 to Vista.

Download it here


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