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Firefox Quick Tip: Tweak Your Title Bar

Titlebar Tweak

Titlebar Tweaks offers a simple feature but it may suffice for those who want to further customize how their browser looks like without the hassles of going down to the level of code. It lets you do any of the following tweaks with your title bar:

  • Display the browser name before the page title
  • Display only the browser name or page title
  • Replace the browser name in the titlebar with your own text

If you’re like me who maximize tab browsing, then you may find having the page title an overkill since you already have the page title on your tab. So why not beautify your browser a bit and change it with your own preferred text. If you are a little vainglorious, maybe your name perhaps. Hehehe. A simple add-on for simple purposes.

Download Titlebar Tweaks here.


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