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Firefox Quick Tips: Download Embedded Videos with UnPlug


A long while back, we featured VideoDownloader, an add-on that lets you save YouTube videos as FLV files. Now it was good for its function but it never did anything more than just that.

Going back to the business of embedded videos, we figured it’s time to feature a newer video downloading add-on that does more than just parse for the YouTube FLV file. So meet UnPlug. Unlike VideoDownloader which just links you to a web service that parses the page for the YouTube FLV link, UnPlug pretty much does the same but it’s not limited to YouTube. It practically scans the player where it gets the source file. It then displays the hyperlink to the file which you can then click to download. If it fails to detect the source file, it makes an “educated guess” and makes recommendations.

It works for multiple websites that include,,,,,, and other sites that practically work the same way.

Download UnPlug here.


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