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Five Ways to Detoxify

Kid Hike

Stress, stress and more stress. The problem with our lives today is that we’re always under stress. And stress kills. Slowly. One way to save ourselves is to start getting rid of the things that compound our stress levels. However, since you can’t dispose of your job our your idiot boss, you can start by kicking some of those bad habits down the drain and start detoxifying yourself. Here are some ideas.

No booze and death sticks. If you smoke (even a little) and drink (a lot), it’s a great time to stop them. Every cigarette you puff is some time off your life clock. Quitting smoking is not an easy task but you can always get help. As for drinking, excessive drinking can damage your liver. So try laying off some bottles next weekend and give your liver a break.

Drink lots of water. We’ve written a few posts on the benefits of water. Water improves digestion. Water naturally flushes out toxins from your body. So if you want a good purge of those nasties inside you, water is probably one of the safest ways to go.

Pick up a sport. Unless you were a total dork as a kid, you probably had engaged in some sort of sporting activity. If it has been years since you shot some hoops, try picking up the sport again. Sweat those toxins and stress out. If you’ve been that dorky kid, it’s not too late to get a sport. Peel your but off that computer screen and try walking.

No computers for a day. This is a toughie for us geeks but it’s a great way to rest those tired eyes, hands and mouse clickers. Try this one during a weekend – no computers! No checking of mail, surfing, blogging, gaming, or take-home work. Avoid exposing yourself to radiation for once.

Take an outdoor trip. A change of scenery can effectively detox your mind. Be one with nature for once. Plan a hiking trip one of these days. Go to the beach. Soak up some sun. Enjoy the summer.


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