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Food for Thought: Forget the Greeting Cards…

Greeting Card

And send me the money instead!

Okay, so Hallmark is still making a killing by providing us with all the mush and fuzzy feelings that we get reading their cheesy three to four liners. You might be considering sending your friends some to “send your love” to them this next-big holiday.

But have you considered the cost of cards these days? Prices range from $2.50 (for the ones with cheesy lines) to $5.00 (for those with raspy and corny tunes). Here’s a thought, why not just send the money. While this may not apply to your friends who are raking in the big bucks, you might be able to make those pesky little nephews and nieces smile more by handling some green.

Sure, it may sound cheap but let’s face it. Kids would love to have their own money to spend rather thanĀ  a greeting card with cheesy lines scribbled inside them. Corny poetry doesn’t buy you ice cream, that’s for sure. But five bucks will!


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