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Give Yourself a Suite Escape


Planning to take that vacation you’ve been contemplating on for months? You might think of flying to Europe to witness all the glamor, or visit some exotic place for a more laid-back vacation. No matter where you are, the point is to have fun despite the few non-working days that you have.

Map out an itinerary of your stops but most of all check in on the best hotels. You may think that a hotel reservation is not as important as your itinerary, but actually, it makes all the difference. A hotel with bad amenities and service can ruin your whole idea of having-fun. On the other hand, genuine hotel facilities can turn your vacation into a sweet suite escape!

As soon as you have determined the places you are definitely visiting, have a suite reserved under your name at a hotel known for good service. It would be wise to stay in a hotel which is near the vicinity so that you won’t have the risk of getting lost on your way back. Ask the concierge about the niceties you are entitled to as a guest. A free breakfast is exactly the kind of thing you’re after, or free use of the pool, or an open bar on your first night. Knowing what the hotel can give you will tell you exactly what things you’ll have to provide yourself.

Take note of the specific address of the hotel so that you won’t have problems when the taxi takes you home. Even if you feel confident that you’ll remember where your hotel is or what its name is, you still have to know which part of the city you should be when the clock strikes twelve. You can’t afford getting lost when it’s really late. You’ll be needing enough rest for your adventure the next day.


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