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Hotel Robbery Prevention Tips


Traveling does have its risks. Not because you’re safely in a hotel, you’d be lax with your things. While a lot of hotels boast of beefy security, it’s practically impossible for them to cover all rooms and all hallways. Thievery, both petty and grand, almost always happens right under our noses. It always pays to be doubly careful. Here are some ideas on

If you’re staying in a decent motel, most rooms have safes for you to use and in which store your valuables. Never, ever leave your valuables in hotel drawers and most definitely never in plain sight. Thieves can slip past doors (even with all the keycard locking technology) and swipe your stuff. Even room service might not be too honest when they see a diamond ring carelessly left in the open.

Your luggage can also be tempting to thieves. While you usually have the bellboy to assist you with them, always keep one eye on their whereabouts. Some thieves usually operate when you and the bellboy aren’t looking (a quick swipe of a bag or two when you are about to enter the elevator or when you or the bellboy’s fidgeting with the keycard and the door).

If, in any case, one of your belongings got stolen in the premises of the hotel (and you’re quite sure of it), then raise the issue to hotel management. They would be usually helpful enough to assist you with the matter. Hotel hallways and lobbies are usually equipped with security cameras. These are usually very helpful in investigations.


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