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How Not to Lose Your Wallet and Car Keys in Your Home


You’ve probably read or heard about a simple idea called the “landing area.” It’s a pretty simple concept yet why do most of us still leave our must-bring items just about somewhere we couldn’t find them. I’m betting that even just for once, you’ve turned your place inside out to look for your car keys. Or your wallet perhaps.

The landing area is a great way to get organized and reduce clutter. Designate an area (or even a small container) where you could put all your essentials just as you enter the house. Install hooks to hand bags or place a coat rack where you can hang caps and jackets.

For your valuables, create a landing area right in your room. So your house can actually be a series of landing areas where you just drop and pick up your essentials along the way.

If mixing stuff between members of the household becomes a problem. Label your own landing areas. You can have color-coordinated small trays for use only one specific member of the household. Blue can be for Dad. Red’s for mom. And little Johnny can have the green tray for his stuff.


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