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How to Arrange Furniture

Furniture Arrangement

Is your home a mess? Having trouble with furniture arrangement? If you don’t live in a mansion then maximizing space in the house is always a challenge. Even if you’re not an interior decorator, you can always rely on good arrangement principles to help you work out your home. Here are some tips on arranging furniture.

Put the largest one in first

In the living room, it would probably be the sofa. For the bedroom, the bed. The dining area, the table. It’s the most tricky one to place as it’d determine the placement of all the other furniture. While it is quite logical to place these against or near a solid wall you must also take into consideration the space needed to add the rest of the things. Dining tables have chairs to accompany them. In the living room, the sofa doesn’t necessarily have to be against the wall.

Map out paths

Once you’ve place the largest one in, visualize paths for people to navigate through. Does it have ample space for you to walk around and access key points of the room? Remember, leave some space so that people wouldn’t bang against objects here and there just to get in and out of the room.

Pick a purpose

As a rule of economy, don’t place any furniture in a room if it doesn’t belong or have a purpose there. It’ll only add to the clutter. Think of what the room is all for when thinking of placing furniture. Lamps, plants, pictures and paintings on the wall count too.

Set the mood

Living room areas should be cozy to help you relax or to help provide a mood for conversation. They help liven up the space. Dining areas should be neat and tidy. The bedroom should be conducive to rest. If you feel that your arrangement doesn’t work, try to tweak the arrangement again until you find it suitable to your taste. Remember, you’re the one living there.

Leg rooms are a must

When placing a center table in a living room set, make sure that it has at least an allowance of a foot from the sofa. This allows for ample leg room while near enough to reach the table for the coffee or whatever you’ll put on there.

Balance the room

Even if you’re not an interior designer, one principle that you can always apply is balance. You can place two armchairs on either side of the sofa or across it to balance it out. Remember, plants and lamps can help balance the room too.


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  • PJ says:

    Question: How should family room furniture be arranged in a room without solid walls? There are 3 doorways and a fireplace.

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