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How to Be a Thrifty Parent and Discipline Kids Money-wise


For moms and dads out there, it’s always tricky whenever you’re out shopping with kids. You think twice about buying yourself a new pair of heels or some shiny new power tools, but most of the time you just can’t say NO to your kids when they see something in a store usually just to avoid a kid having fits.

There is no need to spoil your kids by overspending. No one ever said that a good parent buys her kids everything. You shouldn’t overspend just to compensate for the lack of time or attention you may have neglected your kids. It’s just not how it works, plus it will mess up your finances.

Talk with other parents. If you think you could use some help from other parents on how to control your kids’ indulgence, then you can talk to these other parents and make an agreement that all of you should discipline your kids’ overindulgence. Your kids’ friends have a big effect on your kid’s wanting to buy this and that.

Discipline them. Teach your kids the value of discipline by setting up a simple rule. tell them that they’ll have to earn what they want. You can give your kid a candy bar every time he behaves in public or when he doesn’t throw a tantrum. However, never use money for this particular purpose.

Thrift isn’t depriving. Being a thrifty parent doesn’t mean you are to deprive to your kids. It just means that there is no need to overspend on your kids’ wants. Especially if you have given them all that they need.

Have some time for yourself. If you want to go on a budgeted shopping spree. Leave your kid at home. This way, you can buy what you want without letting your kid see what you buy for yourself and what you buy for him. As a consolation, buy him a gift to give him when you get home.


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