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How to Beat Stress with Laughter


Some people walk it off, some laugh it off. Laughter is the best medicine – we’ve heard it all before. But the truth is most of us tend to go through a terrible and long-lasting case of depression after a short episode of sadness or disappointment. Beat depression and stress with laughter by trying out our tricks and tips.

Remember your happiest moment. We know you’re tired of writing this one down in the slum books when you were still in school, but it’s very wise never to forget your happiest moments because you don’t know when you have to be reminded of it.

Don’t forget good jokes. The very funny jokes you’ve gathered from years of clowning around with friends can be reused with a different circle of friends. It’s hard to think of a funny joke when you need to hear one, and a very funny joke will come in handy when a friend suddenly needs some cheering up. But then again, forgetting the jokes which made you laugh could also be very sensible – you can enjoy it every time you hear it –even if you heard it for the fifth time.

Remember all the previous problems you have successfully conquered. What you have before you cannot be more challenging than anything you have stressed over before. You have certainly come a long way and thanks to your wit and cunning, you handled everything and not without grace. You are a survivor and you know it.


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