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How to Brainstorm


Brainstorming is an essential step on generating new ideas for just about anything. Need a new product? An activity? A way to weasel out of trouble? Two or more heads are better than one. So get your group together, bring out your thinking caps and brainstorm.

  • Ask everyone to throw in ideas.

    This can be a round-robing type where everyone in the circle just says something when it’s a person’s turn. Or it can go a la popcorn where anyone can just share a piece of his/her mind. Remember, no shooting of ideas no matter how crazy they sound.

  • Note down everything

    It’s also better to have it written on a board (or flashed on a projector). Or go a la Web 2.0 and use a brainstorming app. You can appoint a secretary to jot down all the ideas and document the proceedings

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  • Don’t stop

    The guy next to you may have said the most stupid thing ever. Resist all temptation of halting the flow of ideas by analyzing, criticizing or even arguing with the guy.

  • “Piggyback”

    Piggybacking is a brainstorming concept where you ride on someone else’s concept. So if you think you can tweak an idea to make it a better one, do so.

  • Rank

    Eventually, the group will run out of ideas, have everyone rate each of the idea thrown (a scale of 1-lowest 10-highest works). The ideas with the highest scores usually reflect the most promising ideas.


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