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How to Break a Door Down

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Say, you’re in such a highly-unlikely scenario where you have some baddies place you in a room, lock the door up and swallowed the key. You managed to free yourself from the ropes that bind you and all you have to do is to knock down the door and into sweet freedom. What will you do? A. Ram the door with your should; B. Kick the door open; or C. Go MacGyver with a some chewing gum and 9-volt battery?

Okay, so it is highly unlikely. But we’ve seen a lot of FBI drama to see how they just ram their way through doors screaming “FBI! FBI! Clear!” So how do they do it?

Physics isn’t at your side when you’re locked from within if you’re trying to break the door down. You’re actually better off trying to break the lock. Try to find something heavy around, you can try to bash the lock or door handle with it.

If you’re trying to get in from outside, it’s better to use your feet than your shoulders. Trying to ram it with your shoulder dissipates the force of impact to a wider surface, a well-place kick however, is more concentrated. The best area to kick the door is around the lock area. Remember to use physics – the sweet spot is usually the area farthest from the hinges and at the vertical middle. A couple of strong kicks can is usually enough to force it open.

McGyver’s in a different league. You’re better off going medieval on the door.


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