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How to Check Clothing Quality


Not all of us can afford buying designer clothing and I have to admit that the price and the premium given to them are quite well-deserved. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find quality items in a bargain. You can definitely take advantage of sales with slashed prices. Just be sure to take note of the following details that would tell you if an article of clothing sports quality or not.

Check for stray threads and loose stitches. Most sweat-shop produced articles of clothing bear these give-away signs. Make sure that seam edges are finished. You don’t want stitches to run on fabrics that easily fray like linen.

Check the seams if there is ample cloth given for seamwork. 1/2 inch or more is a good sign. That means that they’re not skimping on cloth. The same goes for hemlines. Ample clothing given for hemlines is another sign that cloth is not a scarce resource in the process of making.

Buttons are also tell-tale signs of good and bad workmanship. Button holes should be neat (not just slits made into the fabric) and lets the buttons fit. Check the button spacing too. Buttons should be spaced evenly. Buttons made of mother of pearl, wood and brass are also good signs.

When the material sports patterns like plaid and stripes, check if the construction presents symmetrical patterns (unless intentional).The patterns should match the seams. Stitches should also be even and match the pattern of the cloth.


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