How to Check for Electrical Fire Hazards


There’s no surefire way to fireproof your home. However, you can still make sure that you don’t have hazards in your home. A lot of fires have been caused by electrical hazards. Here are some of them and some tips to deal with them.

  • Extension cords top this list. Avoid overloading electrical outlets. As much as possible use only one appliance per extension cord.
  • Another careless use of extension cords is running them under rugs. Sure, it makes it inconspicuous but you’re just creating a fire hazard. Get an expert to do rerouting for you. There are safe and aesthetic ways to get a socket over at another location in your home.
  • Check your appliances’ electrical cords for any sign of deterioration. Check the plugs to if they snugly fit your sockets. Likewise check you sockets for any sign of damage.

  • Always make sure you are plugging into the socket with the matching voltage with the appliance. Good thing many appliances are now set to auto-voltage.
  • Check curtains and drapes to make sure they don’t interfere with any electrical wiring.
  • Another major cause of house fires is unprotected portable space heaters. Get a model that has an automatic tip-over shut-off feature and protective grills around heating parts.
  • Make sure all your circuit breakers and fuses are working and of the proper amperage.
  • Have a qualified electrician to go over your house’s electrical work once a year. Insulations can deteriorate or be damaged by pests. Better be safe than sorry.