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How to Childproof Your Home


Children are just accidents waiting to happen (and no, not the accident that happen in the backseat then 9 months later, poof!). They’re active, curious, and very eager to explore the world around them that they tend to be in harm’s way. Unless, of course, you always keep an eye on them or to accident-proof your house. Here are some tips on keeping you child safe.

  1. To see your home in a different light in terms of accident-prevention, try to see things in a child’s line of sight. Looking through their eye level would expose you to what things can attract them.
  2. Install a safety gate both at the top and bottom of stairs and landings. Avoid placing rugs near these areas.
  3. Secure any loose tiles or carpeting. Clear the floor of clutter.
  4. Tables, chairs and other household furniture can have sharp edges to them. You can install padding or even tape them up.
  5. Be wary of things placed on elevated surfaces like books on a shelf or even lamps. Toddlers can fiddle with these things. Get a lockable display cabinet for your fragile and breakable items.
  6. Unplug all electrical appliances. If it’s possible, put place your television set, stereo, and other electronics inside a lockable entertainment cabinet. Protects you child and your electronics at the same time.
  7. Install safety plugs to outlets that children can reach. Cover radiators and heat sources to prevent burns.
  8. Children love to put things in their mouths. So better keep small things that they can choke on away from their reach. A word of advice, never tell children that medicine is candy. They might think that every pill or tablet is candy. Store all pills in childproof containers.
  9. Avoid re-using beverage bottles and food jars for storing hazardous substances.
  10. Don’t leave pet food and water on the floor. Clean up as soon as your pet finishes. Children may help themselves on them.
  11. Keep medicine cabinets and cleaner closets locked at all times. Store other potentially harmful items away where children will not be able to reach them.
  12. Never leave young children on their own inside the bathroom. Install Velcro strips on the toilet lid to keep toddlers from opening and playing with the water. Some incidents of drowning have also been reported.
  13. Keep plastic bags away from children’s reach. They can accidentally or playfully slip their heads inside and suffocate.

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