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How to Choose Quality Carpeting


While interior designers would definitely suggest carpets that match the room in your home where the carper will be used, we’re pushing for quality. Sure color and patterns should be involved in your decision but material quality should be a prime consideration… especially if you’re a penny-pincher. Here are some pointers on choosing good quality carpeting.

Thicker may not always be better. Density is what your should be looking out for. Look for carpeting that has a packed surface and a tightly-knit backing. Dense carpets guarantee that it would last you a long time since they wear less. To check, bend a piece of carpet until some backing is visible. If a loth of the backing is immediately visible, try looking for one with higher density.

The surface is also a thing to look at. Density may offer some resistance to wear and tear but surface material is also a factor. Avoid using plush materials for high-traffic areas. Also, invest on good carpet padding for these areas. The padding helps absorb impact and shock reducing wear.

However, good quality carpeting may come with price. Some sort of compromise that you can actually have is to choose denser carpeting for high traffic-areas and less dense ones for low-traffic areas.


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