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How to Clean the Bathtub

Bath Tub

Your bathtub should be one of your comfort nooks where you can just lather up the suds and dip your stress away. But it takes a bit of care too to always keep it that way. Ever had one of those “rings” around the bathtub interior? Those are mostly mineral deposits from hard water.

Well, that would be that if you’re a slob. If you find a mushroom there, then you probably are one. I don’t think that dipping in gunk and fungi is a treat at all.

Here are some tips on cleaning that tub:

  • Don’t use harsh abrasive materials like steel wool for scrubbing. You can use a nylon scrub pad.
  • Go MacGyver again using a paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide to clean that “ring.” Just apply, leave to dry, and wipe off.
  • If you’ve got rust stains, you can use a paste made from borax powder and lemon juice. If the stain sticks, your next option is dry cleaning solution.
  • Don’t forget to clean that bath mat. Spray it with foamy bathroom cleaner, scrub and rinse.

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