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How to Deal with a Stomach Ache


Before you try to do any of the following tips, be sure to locate the source of the pain first. If the pain originates from the extreme sides of your abdomen or from the back, better consult with your doctor fast. But if you’re sure it’s your stomach, read on. Usually, a bad pain in your tummy goes away within 24 hours. Still, when you think you can’t deal with the pain by yourself, the best thing for you to do is to call your doctor. Here are some probably quick fixes to your pains but as with any of our tips, nothing beats a trip to your family doctor for some professional advice.

Treatment. When your belly starts to ache and you feel like lying down is going to make you feel better, then lie down. If you have intestinal gas pains, you can try to belch, or burp, or pass gas. These actions could relieve the pain. You should also pause from eating when your stomach starts to hurt.

Over-the-Counter Drugs: But make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to these drugs.

Ginger beer or ginger soda. Ginger beer and ginger soda contain more ginger than ginger ale. These drinks can bring you relief when you feel nauseated. You can also try munching on ginger snaps or ginger candy whenever you have an upset stomach.

Peppermint Tea. Peppermint tea can lessen stomach pains, according to research; but it can potentially worsen a heartburn. Make sure that your symptoms spell belly ache instead of a heartburn so that you can apply this treatment.

Know when to consult with your doctor: You should see a doctor if your stomach ache is new, steady, severe, or when it gives you more pain that you can take. You may have an appendicitis if you feel a sharp pain in your lower right abdomen, a gallstone disease if you feel pain in your upper middle or upper right abdomen, or an ulcer if you feel pain in your abdomen which occurs when you haven’t eaten anything. See a doctor so you will be properly diagnosed and treated.


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