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How to Deal with a Unibrow


Got a unibrow? Tired of people staring at that spot right between your eyes? Let’s face it, gentlemen, unibrows don’t work. So if you’ve got a substantial overgrowth of eyebrows, it’s about time to consider grooming them and hack at that hedgerow!


If you don’t know how eyebrows should be shaped or if you’re not too confident with tweezers, you can have any of the following done by a pro at your men’s styling/barbershop. Some styling shops for women can also serve male clients for these types of jobs. Shaping your eyebrows may mean any of the following treatments:

  • Plucking or tweezing – Probably the easiest and cheapest thing to do. All you need is a mirror and a pair of tweezers. You can start off by having a professional do it so can just maintain the shape then onwards.
  • Waxing – This involves the use of hot wax over the area. A piece of cloth is applied over it and you wait until the wax sets. When it does, brace yourself ’cause it feels like duct tape being stripped off from your skin. It uproots the hair follicles from the root so it kind of lasts longer than plucking.
  • Electrolysis – Literally, your hair gets electric fried. A stream of current is passed to the root to “kill” it. It’s quite expensive since it may take a series of treatments to do the job. It claims to be permanent for most people.
  • Laser – Usually done by a dermatologist. There are a handful of different treatments but all use laser energy to get the job done. Also a bit on the expensive side and also claim to be permanent for most people.

Tips for Plucking

Here are some tips on plucking those unibrows:

  • Equipment – Tweezers, magnifying mirror, antiseptic wipe
  • Do it after a hot shower – Hot water opens up your pores. So dealing with your eyebrows will be easier.
  • Width – A good guide would be to get a line from the top of your nose straight up. A good width would be the width of a pencil. If you’ve had it done professionally, follow the line that the pro did for you.
  • Keep it symmetrical – Balance is the key. Make sure that both are of equal length and with the same shape.
  • Be patient – Pluck very small areas at a time. You don’t want to end up messing up your eyebrows.
  • Use an antiseptic wipe – This would close the pores and clean up the area to prevent irritation. Some use moisturizer to soothe the area.
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12 Responses to “How to Deal with a Unibrow”

  • Sammie says:

    Who writes a blog aobut plucking a unibrow, honestly/

  • iuy says:

    can children get unibrows?

  • ellisson says:

    the question should be: why does anyone bother to READ a blogg about unibrows AND really ?children with unibrows???

  • p says:

    yup childern can get unibrows

  • unibrow lovah says:


  • The S says:

    cool blog.
    i got a unibrow.

    but hey, is it really that abnormal that people stare at it?????

  • dud helpful blog. sammie people read about this because they need advice i have a unibrow and am planning on plucking it very soon.
    i dont want a proffesional to do it i can do it myself.

    i just need to nwo how to shap it. im doin this because i need a hot date to the high school dance and my unibrow isn’t helping

  • Job says:

    I have a very sexy unibrow.

  • Hairy says:

    I have a unibrow too. i hate it but my friends don’t think i have a unibrow. i desperately want to pluck it, and i’m going to pluck it no matter what.

    why do you think someone would post a blog about uniborws?! no frickin duh!

  • mz new booty says:

    hahah wow this article is actually funny n the coments got me rolling but um i HAD a unibrow i got it from my dad lolz but every since i turned 8 which i am 16 now i been getting my eyebrows done i actually do it myself n alot pplz are shock when i show them my baby pics with it lolz but it wasnt noticeable doe

  • frisky says:

    I have a unibrow, im like what 12??? and my mom wont let me take it off. says im too “young”.. gotta wait a while… but i dont really care//

  • JaxwithWaxouch says:

    I have no self esteem, thanks for the info.

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