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How to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

Chistmas Home

Less than a week away and your home still looks like it was ravaged by a pack of feral kids (which is what you expect your home to be if you’ve got young kids at home). But fret not, you can still do a quick makeover to your home so that you can deck the halls with holiday cheer. Here are some great ideas to decorate every room in your house in the spirit of the season.

Candles on tabletops. This works great for your dining table or your living room’s center table. A combination of red and green candles would do great. If you can’t find colored candles, just tie red and green ribbons around the candelabra.

Kitchen. Make a centerpiece placing apples in a bowl and sprigs of green. Mint would do great. Accent with some pine cones too. An alternative would be to fill the bowl with Christmas balls.

Bath. Heck, you might ask if this is even possible. It is. Light a cinnamon-scented candle in the bath. There’s nothing more Christmas-y than cinnamon.

Seat and pillow covers. Change the seat and pillow covers of your living room couch with something red. Velvet would be nice too. Sew in pieces of green ribbon and you’re good to go.

Draperies. Tie them with some manila fiber rope then insert a twig of pine. Green and red ribbons would work too.

Windows.  Tack some decorative cut-outs on the window glass using a bit of hot glue. Hot glue can easily be removed from glass (just make sure you don’t have tinting film on them).

Holiday decors. Go traditional by putting up a tree in your living room. Hang socks on walls and a wreath on your front door


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