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How to Drill Holes


It’s a must-know skill for most of us. You have all these ideas and plans on how to decorate your home, but how can you hang your self-made photo frame if you don’t have a lovely hook on that perfect spot in your living room? You don’t need Mr. Handyman to do the work because all you need to do is to know how to do it yourself.

  • Before starting, wear safety goggles because safety comes first and it is, after all your very first time.
  • To start, set the reverse-forward switch to forward and spin the chuck in a counterclockwise direction so you can open it.
  • Next, insert a twist bit and spin the chuck in a clockwise direction so you can close it tightly.
  • Make sure the bit is secure.
  • Mark with a pencil the hole where you want it.
  • You can lay newspaper on the floor so the sawdust won’t be all over the carpet.
  • Hold the drill the way you would hold a gun, with the finger on the trigger and the drill bit perpendicular to the wall almost touching the future hole.
  • Press your free hand on the back of the drill so you can drill straight. When you’re sure that the drill is set on the pencil mark, squeeze trigger before touching the mark to make sure you drill perfectly on your set mark.
  • Gently lean on the wall to apply steady pressure.
  • Keep drilling at a straight direction, preventing any angling.
  • When you drilled deep enough, switch to reverse mode so you can pull out the drill bit.

Now, was that hard?


4 Responses to “How to Drill Holes”

  • Stephanie Flynn says:

    I’m putting together new kitchen cabinets and when I drilled the holes for the drawer handles, the birch laminate keeps cracking & splitting.
    How can I prevent this?
    Thank you

  • Alex says:

    When does the splitting/cracking happen? If it’s when the the drill bit emerges, you can do this trick.

    Clamp a piece of scrap wood behind the workpiece and drill a hole into it. You can also try stopping just as the tip emerges then move on to the other side and drill another hole.

    Check your drill bit tip. It may be oversized for the job hence the splitting.

  • richard says:

    I just drilled a hole into my kitchen wall which is a supporting wall. I inserted the wall plug and started drilling in the screw. As the screw was going in parts of the wall started coming out. Now a big lump of plaster has come off the wall. How do I fix this?

  • Arjun says:

    How can one maintain a straight hole going into the wall (i.e., one that is ninety degrees, and doesn’t take on another angle)?


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