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How to Escape Being Sexy, Smart, and Single

Sexy Lady

Are you smart? Are you sexy? Are you gorgeous? Then why are you still single??? You might answer, “beats me”. But when you’re the only single girl out there, then something has to be done – ASAP! Let’s see what we can do to help.

Love yourself. First, you should know that there’s nothing wrong with you. If you know yourself enough, you will acknowledge that you are a very foxy lady. It seems weird sometimes how love works for some couples but it just doesn’t work for you and your dates. But you have to remember, before you delve into the kind of love where it involves another person, you must first love yourself. You have to see for yourself what makes you a very lovable person.

Indulge in a little dosage of vanity. Vanity is said to be every woman’s flaw. But who doesn’t want radiant skin, salon treatments or stilettos ? And who says no to make up? Of course all women should be a little vain to look her absolute best. Feel totally sexy by pampering yourself. You deserve to be glamorous!

Picture-perfect close-ups. There is at least one photo in which you look totally stunning – almost resembling a celebrity! Grab that photo and take hold of it (scan it so you can have a digital copy, have it copied several times) so you can use it every time you want to make a good impression.

Oh yeah. You might be the looker but you might be a bitch. Why not try stopping to be one.


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