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How to Fight Back Pains


Hard work and too much physical activity can do a number on your back. We tell you, feeling like you’re 70 when you’re just into your 20s just because of a bad back is just terrible. When your back starts to hurt, it’s best to see a doctor. But until you do, you can try to ease back pains with these tips.

Cool and Warm. Apply an ice pack to the painful area on your back. Have it for about 20 minutes at a time for several times a day to reduce inflammation. When the pain starts to lessen, use a heating pad to help tight muscles relax.

Maintain Healthy Posture. It doesn’t only look good on you. A good posture also relieves back pains. When sitting, place a pillow or a rolled towel behind the small of your back. This will support your spine’s natural curve. Or you can opt for a lumbar support pillow which you can affix on your favorite chair.

Massage Yourself. If you don’t have anyone to massage you, try this trick. Place a tennis ball between the painful area and a wall. Have the ball roll over the spot. This activity will loosen your tight muscles and relieve some of the pain.

Choose Your Pillow. Make sure the pillow you sleep on isn’t too fat or too thin. The right pillow will keep your spine aligned and will therefore help prevent back as well as neck pains. There is a better, but more expensive option if you have the budget; that is to purchase one of those contoured cervical pillows which really support the contours of your neck.

Not too High Heels. Heels put tremendous pressure on your back. Sure, they can make your legs and the way you walk look sexy but is a bad back worth the price? Go for flat shoes. But if you had to wear heels, make sure the heels are not more than one inch. Very tall shoes can throw your spine and pelvis out of alignment, giving you back pains.

Go Ergonomic. We’ve written a few things about office ergonomics. Definitely, getting ergonomic furniture will help you avoid stressing out your back due to bad posture and position.

Stretch. And here’s a quick stretch routine that you can do even in the office to relieve back pain.


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