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How to Find the Right Running Shoes for Your Foot Type

Before you engage physical activities that involve your feet, here’s something that you should probably know – your foot type. Your foot type determines the level of impact your foot sustains when engaging in walking, jogging, and running.

Foot type is classified by the shape of your foot which is gauged by its arch. It’s easy how you could tell your foot type. Wet your feet and stand on a piece of paper. Then compare the imprint with the patterns below. Pay attention to the band that connects the ball and heel:

Foot type patterns

Your foot type shows how your foot rolls from heel to toe (pronates) to absorb impact. This is particularly helpful in looking for good running shoes that are specifically designed for your foot type.

  • Normal – imprint has a broad band, normal pronation, naturally absorbs impact, best to use stability or semi-curved shoes
  • Flat – imprint shows almost entire foot, overpronated, lacks stability and is prone to injury, best to use motion control or curved shoes
  • Over-arched – imprint show very thin or no band at all, underpronated, not an efficient shock absorber, best to use cushioned straight shoes

Remember that using the wrong shoes could only make you more prone to injuries. Next time you plan to buy your new pair of running shoes, take this into consideration and ask your friendly neighborhood shoe retailer for the recommended shoe type.

Source: Runner’s World


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