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How to Get One Last Light from an Empty Lighter


It’s a weekend and with nothing much to do, I’m just checking out random sites and found this one. It’s a nifty trick that you can do out of boredom or out of sheer desperation. Here’s how you can get one last light from an empty lighter.

What you need

  • An empty lighter (the disposable one with the flint wheel igniter)
  • A square of tissue or toilet paper

What to do

  • Turn the flint wheel so that it scrapes against the metal but don’t make it spark. This would scrape of tiny bits of flint dust.
  • Shake off the flint dust on to the TP. Now this would take you a little while but keep on scraping off dust until you get a reasonable pinch of dust on the TP.
  • Pinch the flint dust so that it piles up nicely in the middle of the square. Now fold and roll the TP as if you’re making a little match with the pinch of flint inside the tip of the rolled up TP.
  • Hold the TP “match” to the lighter. Ignite it by striking the lighter, making it spark. The flint inside the tissue would produce a nice little flame.

Here’s the source and video from TrickLife.


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One Response to “How to Get One Last Light from an Empty Lighter”

  • Efiz says:

    Thanks. I used your tip out of sheer desperation to light my blunt tonight.

    . |./| .
    ^. |\.//| /.^/
    –.| |\.//| /|.–/
    –.| |\.//| / |.–/
    —.| |./| /|.—/
    –.| |./| /|.–/
    . |.| /. /
    _ -_^_^_^_- \ // / -_^_^_^_- _
    – -/_/_/- ^_^/| |^_^ -__- -
    /_ / | _

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