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How to Get Rid of Houseplant Pests

Potted Plant

Houseplants can lively up the rooms in your home. However, like garden plants, houseplants can still be victims of certain pests. And once these pests do their damage, your plants can look awful. Here are some homemade remedies to get rid of common houseplant pests.

Mealybugs. Spray plants with a solution of one part alcohol mixed with three parts of water. For smaller houseplants, you can simply swab plants with alcohol using Q-tips.

Red spider mites. Spray plants with a solution of four tablespoons dishwashing liquid in one gallon water. Spray the solution weekly until the mites are gone. Then spray monthly for preventive maintenance.

Molds. Molds often appear on the potting soil in houseplants. A quick remedy is to water the soil with a vinegar-water solution. Mix one tablespoon vinegar with two quarts of water. Use this to water the plants weekly.


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