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How to Give Yourself a Quick Makeover for a Special Night


One for something special over the weekend, ladies. Unless you’re expecting the cast and crew of Ambush Makeover for another run, you have to know how to transform yourself into a more beautiful you especially on an important evening. Get ready to glamorize with these easy steps.

Freshen up. The most important thing is to clean up well before you apply any make up. Condition hair and wash face with your mild cleanser. You can even use an exfoliating scrub to give you a cleaner, fresher feeling.

Face. Even out skin color with a concealer that matches your skin tone. Hide all zits, (and the eye bags too!) before you move on to applying make up.

Eyes. Choose an eyeshadow that’s best worn at night. Usually, darker eyeshadows are what you should go for like deep purple or black. Make sure your choice of eyeshadow compliments the color of your outfit. Curl lashes before putting on mascara. This will give you a more girly look. If you want more drama, an eyeliner can emphasize your eyes.

Cheeks. Put some color on your cheeks with a blush on. Smile in front of a mirror and apply powder blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend.

Lips. Moisturize lips with lip balm to get pouty, and more luscious lips. Use a lipliner and follow your lipline then put on a great lipstick that doesn’t easily smudge-off. Put on lip gloss to enhance the shimmering look.

Hair. You can either wear your hair down or up depending on your mood. Get loose curls with a curling iron. You can even use your favourite sparkling barrette to pin your hair to the side. Or, do a low bun for a more formal over-all look.

Knowing how to do a little make over is important. You don’t know when you need it, and when somebody else needs it. Besides, it’s fun to doll up. Don’t forget to bring with you your lip gloss and powder to retouch your make up between breaks.


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