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How to Groom Your Cat


I’ve had both cats and dogs as pets over the years. While I’m more of a puppy person, I’ve had my share of fun moments with our cats. But one thing’s for sure, cats have to be taken care of. They have to be well-fed – milk, tuna, cat food, what have you. They have to be adored – stand all their purring; but most of all they need grooming because cats are quite “vain” creatures. So a little grooming is always in order.

Cat breeds such as Persians and Himalayans are fluffy so they need more attention on how they look. These breeds need to be maintained because they tend to have loose hair. When these loose hair are left uncared for, they will eat them up as they lick themselves. Result — fur balls.

You have to brush your cat often so that their hair don’t get matted and tangled. They hate it when they look unglamorous. Start brushing at your cat’s head and slowly move toward the tail in long and gentle strokes. Use a grooming brush but remember to use an extra soft brush when you groom the face.

More grooming. If their hair is all tangled and snarly, you can use some talcum powder. This can help loosen those tangles. Untangle matted hair by patient brushing and don’t cut mat with scissors because you may hurt or wound your cat. If you can’t do it yourself, take your cat to a professional groomer or vet.

Time for a shower. You can give your cat a shower or a bath every three months. Make sure your cat doesn’t slip by placing him under a dry towel and use it to hold your cat. Wet cat with tepid water and cleanse with cat shampoo. Rinse the cat thoroughly and use the towel to wrap your newly-bathed cat.


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