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How to Hammer Nails


Everyone thinks that hammering is something that anyone can do. But remember the first time you’ve tried and ended up with bent nails or damaged wood? Here are some tips on hammering and doing it safely.

  • Remember, work in workman’s clothing and wear protection, especially some goggles to shield your eyes.
  • Use a waffle-face hammer. It’s surface will help. Bent nails are usually caused by the hammer slipping from contact.
  • Hold the hammer on the lower part of the handle. This makes the force on impact harder because of a wider swing. Bend your arms at the elbow and be consistent with your swing. Aim properly. You don’t want a very sore (or broken) thumb.
  • Hit the head of the nail with the center of the hammerhead face.
  • Here’s a tip, you can use a plastic “unbreakable” comb to hold a nail in place (by placing the nail between the teeth) while hammering.
  • Here’s a technique you can use when working on areas below your knees. Face away from the wall and crouch/bend over. Pound the nail by pounding toward the rear.
  • A technique a friend uses is to punch a nail though a piece of cardboard to prevent waffle imprint on the wood just in case. Peel away the cardboard for the final taps with the hammer.
  • Use a nail punch for the last hammer drives to prevent wood damage. Use the nail punch too when driving a nail in crevices.

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  • Moira says:

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