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How to Help Fight Global Warming


Oh never mind if they say Al Gore’s a loon or that global warming is a myth. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit concerned with the environment. Fighting global warming may seem a daunting task that is better left to the government to handle. But the government and the scientists need all the help that they can get, and you can make a difference if you really want to. It doesn’t take high-tech inventions (although they can be a really big help) to decrease carbon emissions. Here are some easy steps that you can adopt into your lifestyle in order to save earth. Do these very minor lifestyle changes and make a big difference.

Say no to plastic bags. If you can, as much as possible, bring your own cloth bag whenever you shop. These cloth bags are sturdier than the plastic ones. Plus, cloth bags can be washed and reused again and again; whereas, you only get to use grocery bags once which eventually end up in a landfill. Just imagine the billions of plastic bags produced every year, and only less than 3% of those bags get recycled. These plastic bags can take a thousand years or so to biodegrade in landfills that emit harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Shut off your computer. Whenever you leave your computer, putting it on standby is not enough to save energy. More than half of the electric consumption of an average modern home in the US comes from power used to keep the appliances running when they are on “standby”. Instead of keeping your computer running 24/7, why not shut it off? It would reduce you pc’s carbon emission to about 83% a year.

Open your windows. Instead of turning on your air conditioner, just open the window instead if the weather outside is fair enough. You can cut your cost on electric bills and decrease carbon emissions from your appliance.

Pay your bills online. Not only is it convenient for you, you get to save on paper that is used to print receipts and money. What’s more, you also get to save on transportation fuels that trucks and planes consume to deliver the paper money and checks. If you’re worried about security risks, don’t be. Just be extra careful in giving out personal information and make sure to confirm transactions by making phone calls.


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3 Responses to “How to Help Fight Global Warming”

  • Sam Clark says:

    Very nice posting. Those are excellent practical tips on ways to prevent global warming. I am a big advocate of taking personal responsibility and I really believe that we should be tackling this issue as an individual first, than neighbor to neighborhood, than to the community and then onward from there.

    If we all take little steps and think about how to conserve and better use the resources we have than we won’t have to wait around for the government to take action…

    My 2 bits

  • Shiroi Yuuki says:

    thanks for this. this will make a great Thesis and research paper to defend!

    oh, yeah, the tips. it’s great. everybody can do that.

  • Timothy De Guzman says:

    This imformation was soooooooooooooooooo helpful

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