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How to Improve Appetite

Are you part of the (lucky) group people who don’t indulge in eating? Congratulations, a lot of dieter would like to swap places with you. In any case, I have some friends who are part of this group – slim and sexy people. However, some of them think that they’re too slim for their own good. They try to eat just some more to put some meat on their bones but alas! They just don’t have a heartier appetite to down a few more helpings. If you’re like them, then I hope you find these tips on improving appetite, useful.

Set a pace and make eating interesting

Have meals on a regular schedule. However, don’t force yourself to eat. Just do so when you’re hungry. It also helps if you vary the food selection once in a while. Put in some effort to make sure the food looks yummy too.

No to quick snacks

Stay off carbonated drinks and snacks before meals. The high saturation of content in these foods may make you feel full. The gas in carbonated drinks expand in your stomach, making you feel that you’re really full. They’re harmful anyway so learn to do away with them fully if you can.

Dine as a family

If it’s your kids who need to have their appetites improved, set a good example to them. Nothing would serve as a better example than you when dining together. Minimize distractions on the table too like having a TV in the dining area. Discourage toys on the dining table too. Have healthy family-oriented chatter while feating on good food.

Have checkups

Loss of appetite may mean something’s wrong with you. So have yourself check by the doctor (and your dentist). Your doctor may prescribe vitamins. These can help improve your appetite and stimulate growth too.

Parasites or illnesses can affect your appetite so it’s best to have yourself scoped out for these.


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