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How to Improve Your Life by Being a Happy Person

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Life is short so why waste minutes of it being all bummed out? Be a naturally cheerful person and you’ll realize there are a lot of things to be happy about. Forget your worries and issues and start spreading the sunshine.

Smile. You’re never fully dressed without a smile.. Heard it before? Well, only because it’s really true! How do you expect to be fab when you’re looking so sad and stressed? BeyoncĂ© never looked so hot as when she is flashing her winning smile.

Celebrate who you are. Be happy about yourself. Some girls are very insecure with themselves, getting all frustrated why they can’t look like Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel. You can never be them because you’re you! That means you can be better! If you are happy and comfortable with yourself, you will be at your best.

Spend time doing what you love. If you love to go hiking, then see to it that you get to do that every now and then. If helping other people makes you happy, then you can visit a Home for the Aged or a Children’s Hospital whenever you can. Being able to do the things you love will put that glow in your face. Despite the busy week of paperwork, you have to make sure that you get your personal time.

Be a friend to everyone. Having an enemy gives you a feeling of guilt and regret. It is said that you can’t win everyone but it doesn’t mean that you can be rude to a select few. If there are some people who just doesn’t like you then let them be. As long as you’re not doing anything wrong, there’s no need to bother changing their minds. They’ll learn to love who you are in due time.

Being happy is something that’s very hard to achieve but it’s what everyone wants. By changing and improving your life for the better is one way of getting there.


4 Responses to “How to Improve Your Life by Being a Happy Person”

  • I do agree life is way to short to always be looking at what you don’t have or what you could have or what you should be doing or who you want to look like.
    I recently found out that I have a long long list of problems with my back and on top of it I am a addict and also manic depression is on the list. But I still wake up and take care of my kids and find ways to make everyday the best. Yes I do get all caught up sometimes with my faults and down cycles but really I want to be happy when I die and I want the people around me to know that it can and will be ok no matter what. Now don’t think that this is all me that one day I woke up with all these great thoughts on life I have had a lot of help from and I am probably 90% there to being happy!

  • j.r. necessary says:

    I just finished my new book, How To Be a Happy You, which has 629 Positive Ideas to Ensure Happiness…I am excited. J.R. Necessary, retired professor, Ball State University, Muncie, IN

  • happy says:

    yeah, its sometimes so hard to be happy.

    we need to look at our siatuations and make the best out of our lives.
    being depressed doesnt help.
    gotta be stronger and do the things that make us happier.
    whatever that may be……………

  • j.r. necessary says:

    I just revised my book…How to Be happy.

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