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How to Keep a Serious Relationship


So now you’ve decided to take your dating status to the next step. A serious relationship probably is the next great milestone next to the engagement (which is supposedly just a formality). So there’s an emphasis on the word serious here. It involves a lot of things from exploration to getting to know more about the other person. But aside from those other things, it demands a few other things to make it work. In any case here are the supposed secrets to a serious relationship.


When a relationship goes to a notch higher, it’s time to drop the facades of perfection one poses in the dating phase. A serious relationship is a phase where you should get to know the real yous. It’s a chance for you to try things out to see if things would work out before you decide to take it to the whole new level that is marriage.


Couples who hardly express themselves and share what they feel about a relationship are bound to self-destruct. A serious relationship is a partnership, and partnership entails trust. Neither one of you will be able to know what’s really happening if you don’t talk. While space and privacy are still important, a few honest words can definitely be reassuring.

Acceptance and Understanding

Do you love your partner any less if find out some odd things about him/her? Some of the perfection you’ve been accustomed to seeing and experiencing in the dating phase will soon tarnish and show the real person.


Who changes for whom? It’s the trickiest part of a serious relationship. Changes may or may not be necessary depending on the levels of acceptance. But if there needs to be some adjustment, will none, only one, or both of you be able to cope with changes. It takes a lot of humility to be able to drop pride and change things.


A nasty pitfall of a serious relationship (like marriage) is the tendency of things to settle down as routine. So try a little adventure once in a while. Make the element of surprise be your friend. Being adventurous in terms of how you share your time together will surely make things a bit more spicy. Here are some tips to make up a few surprises for your partner.


3 Responses to “How to Keep a Serious Relationship”

  • It’s easy to build a relationship with someone. It starts with conversation and learning about one another and you’ll find that it rapidly moves on to he-ing and she-ing as that’s how we’re all programmed. Keeping a good relationship is tougher because it seems that one person tends to think all the work has been done and a relationship is always evolving.

  • mike brasch says:

    well i believe that this is perfect and is something that i want to have in my life now that i am in the army and wanting to have a real realationship

  • cristina manigo says:

    ok, , i learn something about a seriuos relationship thank you

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