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How to Keep Flowers Fresh


Fresh flowers liven up any room. Probably why people give people flowers to cheer them up. But in any case, if you’re a big fan of flowers you might want to keep some fresh ones in your home. While they don’t really last forever, you can, with a bit of care, make them last just a bit longer. Here are some tips how.


Use a sharp knife instead of dull shears. Shears tend to crush the stems and this will damage the tissue preventing it from soaking water. So use a very sharp knife and cut between joints. Cut at an angle. As for the best time, flowers are best cut during dawn and dusk.

However, cutting may also depend on a particular flower. Roses, for example, are best cut when the second layer of petals begin to bloom. Other flowers like daisies are cut when its half to fully open. Tulips work the other war around, with the best time to cut them from a bud to just about half open.


It would be best if you could immediately place your fresh flowers in a container such as a vase. Just make sure that the vase is clean. The water too should be clean. Impurities and bacteria are culprits to the fast deterioration of flowers. Just keep the water clean. A trick some florist do is to drop some paracetamol in the water as substitute for flower food.

Make sure that the cut stems don’t reach the bottom of the vase. This will prevent the stem from absorbing water. Likewise, don’t overcrowd the vase with too many flowers. This might crush the stems, hampering water intake causing flowers to wilt faster.

Change the water every day and if it’s possible cut the stems a bit shorter to expose a healthy stem for better water absorption. A cut of 1 to 2 inches will be fine.


Keep fresh flowers in a cool place away from direct sunlight. Any source of heat will affect the bloom and life of your freshly cut flowers. Keep them away from fans too since the air might dry the flowers up real quickly. Just make that there’s enough circulation too.

Be careful with them. Remember, petals are highly sensitive. Touching them, even brushing them lightly with your fingers, damages the flowers.

Depending on the conditions, fresh flowers can last for a couple of days to a week.


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4 Responses to “How to Keep Flowers Fresh”

  • jenna says:

    these tips were very helpful, thanks! i just wish that maybe you would give some alternate uses for paracetamol. maybe stuff found in the average kitchen or home? and maybe suggest more ideas on how to keep them fresh, you’re ideas are kind of unhelpful, and don’t provide much use. you suck, thanks for your time.

  • Caitlyn and Taylor says:

    Your information was very helpful to us.
    We needed information for a science lab.
    And you helped us out thanks!

  • Smart Ideas says:

    In order to prolong the life of roses in a vase, make several cuts along the stem at the bottom, i.e. where the plant was cut off. The cuts should be about 1.5 centimeter (1/2 inch) long. Then gently crush (e.g. with a hammer) the stem where you have just cut it.

    See for more information why this works.

    This can keep roses fresh for one more week and even longer.

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